Stand with and for ALL women and girls!

A Global network advancing gender equity and human rights through the HIV response, by and with those most affected.

About Us

ATHENA is a global network of individuals and organisations that have joined hands, with a principled commitment to gender equality, gender equity, human rights, sexual and reproductive health, and a HIV response accountable to women and girls since 2006.  In this time of a new global pandemic, we seek to utilize our expertise and Network in order to rise to the challenges brought about by COVID-19.We believe in the principle that ‘small is beautiful’ and that it only takes a few committed individuals to trigger big change.  Our membership is open to all who commit to our founding document – the 2002 Barcelona Bill of Rights.

Our Mission

To advance gender equity and human rights across global health;

To bring forward feminist leadership;

And in so doing, to promote and facilitate the inclusive leadership of adolescent girls, young women, and gender diverse people.


  • Address neglected or contentious human rights issues such as the sexual and reproductive rights of women living with HIV.
  • Share information and experiences in order to develop common agendas.
  • Enable individuals and organizations to be agents of change.
  • Develop and support the leadership capacity of women and girls, especially those living with HIV.
  • Link the global with the local in meaningful ways.
  • Link research, policy, advocacy, and practice.
  • Build alliances across movements, sectors, and regions.



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ATHENA Membership


  • Membership in the ATHENA Network is open to individuals and entities that support all elements of ATHENA’s mission and are willing to actively support or participate in actions and activities undertaken by the Network as a whole.
  • ATHENA members are publicly acknowledged on the ATHENA website and on all ATHENA public relations materials (as feasible)


  • Supporters publicly endorse all elements of ATHENA’s mission by having their names published on the ATHENA website.
  • Supporters do not make a commitment to actively participate in actions and activities undertaken by the Network as a whole.

How to Become a Member

Individuals and organizations can become ATHENA Network members. 
Read ATHENA’s membership strategy: link to Athena’s membership strategy
Submit membership form: link to membership form

Download Form, print, and send to:

Members are added to the list-serve through which they will receive updates on ATHENA activities, announcements about members’ work and other relevant information.